What Is Computer ?

A Computer Image

Computers are machines that perform tasks or calculations according to a set of instructions, or programs. The first fully electronic computers, introduced in the 1940s, were huge machines that required teams of people to operate. Compared to those early machines, today's computers are amazing. Not only are they thousands of times faster, they can fit on your desk, on your lap, or even in your pocket.

Computers work through an interaction of hardware and software. Hardware refers to the parts of a computer that you can see and touch, including the case and everything inside it. The most important piece of hardware is a tiny rectangular chip inside your computer called the central processing unit (CPU), or microprocessor. It's the "brain" of your computer—the part that translates instructions and performs calculations. Hardware items such as your monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, and other components are often called hardware devices, or devices.

Parts of a computer

ProtectingYour Intellectual Property

Withelectronic forms of communication quickly becoming the primary methodof correspondence, it is necessary to protect your intellectualproperty from those who would steal or make unauthorized copies ormodifications. Protect your information by utilizing PDF document security and ebookDRM(digital rights management.

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These methods of protection help youpreserve your information by allowing you to maintain rights to theactions performed on your intellectual property. They do this anumber of ways.

Youcanprevent the unauthorized distribution, copying, saving, sending,and modifying of your intellectual property by other parties. Youcan also prevent these people from making screen shots of your workand attemptingto make modifications to your work and trying to pawnit off as their own.

PDFdocument securityis important in preserving your authorship and making sure someonedoesn’t have the ability to plagiarize your work. Ebook DRM allowsyou to maintain control over your work by giving you controlover many aspects of distribution. You can also use these controlsto determine howlong a user can view the information disseminated tothem. You can determine expiration dates and keep other users fromdistributing your ebook. social media campaign

Whileelectronic media is fast and convenient, it is also more easilycompromised. You don’t have to be a victim. By utilizing softwarethat allows you to control your information through ebookDRMandPDFdocument security,you can determine who sees your work and for how long. You are incontrol of your information, and not the other way around.
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